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Low-Glycemic Foods

Our bodies perform best when the blood sugar is kept relatively constant. If the blood sugar drops too low, it can lead to feeling lethargic and/or experience increased hunger. This is why majority of the foods selected for PS1000 program are low glycemic foods which help regulate blood sugar levels and therefore not only help prevent cravings and regulate blood sugar but also could possibly help prevent and manage diabetes and other health related complications.  Some examples of low glycemic foods allowed on PS1000 program, but are not limited to, include legumes, fruits like apples, oranges or berries, healthy fats like salmon, avocado and eggs.

High Protein Foods

PS1000 food protocol requires one to eat a high-protein diet which can help and sustain weight loss. A high-protein diet is often recommended by bodybuilders and nutritionists to help in efforts to build muscle and lose fat.

High Energy Foods

So while foods selected for Phase 1 of the PS1000 program might be low in calories and add up to 1000-2000 calories daily, they are high in nutritional value providing you with maximum nutrition and allow your body to experience weight loss quickly. Unlike high calorie diets which allow for high calorie foods (often empty calories), but must be assisted with an exercise routine for actual weight loss results.

Sample Day Menu

You’ll enjoy eating 5 times per day (3 meals and 2 snacks). Foods are high in fiber so you feel fuller for longer. Every meal and snack should preferably include at least ½ serving of protein from the provided food list in the booklet.

Easy and Tasty Recipes

The best part about the PS1000 meal plan is the freedom to make your meals as simple as boiling a few eggs or, if you’d prefer to satisfy your inner chef, put in more time with more involved recipes.

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