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Tammy Moon Lost 27lbs*

My name is Tammy Moon. I am a mother of 6 children and a stay at home mom. It seems that my weight is directly related to how stressed I am, how much sleep I am getting, and what types of “goodies” I am baking for the kids. Over the past 16 years, I was either in maternity clothes or trying to lose the “extra baby weight” after my baby was more like a toddler. This cycle seemed to be harder and harder to overcome as the years rolled on. This is where I was 90 days ago; frustrated that my “baby” was almost 3 and I still had not lost the baby fat. I made a goal to lose 50 lbs during the 90 days before his birthday. I realized that I probably would not lose all of the weight that I needed to but I was going to remain positive; no matter the end results.

At first, the challenge was to eat enough throughout the day. I was finding myself going several hours before I even felt like eating. This caused issues with the scale because I was actually starving myself even though I did not feel hungry. After I started eating more, I actually lost more weight. I felt better during the day and I was able to stay satisfied. In past diets, I would stress myself out trying to figure out what to eat; what was “legal”. The PureSlim 1000 diet offered more choices than I realized and I was pleased with that aspect of the diet.

During the course of 90 days, we decided that we were moving. With the added stress of this decision, I was not able to stay focused as much on my weight loss. I still tried to stay on the diet but realized that my goal of 50 lbs was not going to be achieved in 90 days. My past experience however has been that if I am dieting and something stressful happens, or causes a drastic change in my life, not only do I give up on the diet, but I gain back a lot of the weight. So to me, this 90 day challenge has been very successful.

Although I ended up losing only 27 lbs, I am pleased with the way I feel and look at this point. I still have 20 lbs more to go, but I am hopeful that I can do that on the PureSlim 1000 eating plan in the near future. With everything that I have going, it is hard to stay committed to eating right 100% of the time. However, I feel like I can, on most days, remain true to the diet and lose the weight that I want. I know that had I been able to devote more time and energy to “me”, I would have been able to see better results. As it is, I am pleased with the shape that I have back; and I am anxious to begin the next level! For a busy mother of 6, this is the plan that works best for my schedule and family.

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