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To achieve these results customers used PS1000 diet plan of about 1000 daily calories and PS1000 supplements.

Jeannie Watson

30lbs Down*

I haven’t been hungry or felt deprived. In fact, as each week went by I felt healthier! Then I started noticing that I wasn’t having migraines anymore!!! I was actually living my life without being bedridden or with the aid of medication!

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“I find this program to be the best weight loss program out there. I have been able to eat very healthy and stay focus toward reaching my goal. before starting PS1000 I had lost 60 lbs putting 10 of those pounds back on and I found PS1000 and I just want to say “THANK YOU.”

Betty Suarez
Sherrie Wood

36lbs Down*

Thank you so much PS1000! See you when I get to a size 12!

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Harold Watson

71.6lbs Down*

At 48 years old (49 in 10 days), I never thought I could feel this good and be able to be this active again, I would leave for work every morning tired and return feeling the same way and now I feel refreshed in the mornings and throughout the day.

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“This is the only plan I’ve used (after years of unsuccessful dieting) that has helped me lose weight and keep it off. I started out at 170 lbs. and am now down to 125 lbs. that I’ve been able to maintain for the last 3 years. I feel so good that nothing tempts me to return to the bad old eating habits I once had. Thank you, PS1000!”*

Cornelia Hansen
Kaitlin Johansen

32lbs Down*

I would just like to thank the creators of PS1000 for allowing me the opportunity to share my story and for giving me the chance to reflect on my own transformation. I look forward to seeing where this “new body and mind” will take me!*

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Melody Myers

33lbs Down*

I look forward to going bowling, playing tennis and maybe even some hiking(without having to make my poor husband wait up!). I still have a ways to go in my journey but I will get there. Thank you so much for your support.

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“My husband has been on the PS1000 plan and lost 45 lbs. I have seen the wonderful results in him and decided to give it a try for myself. I am currently down 20lbs and loving the plan. This is truly a life style change and feeling the great results.”*

Colton Goudie
Carolyn Valladares

20.7lbs Down*

Thank you very much for helping me on my journey of being who I really want to be! Healthy and not obese!

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Josh Simar

56lbs Down*

It feels good to be 50 pounds lighter now and I look forward to phase one again to lose what little more I need to with a plan that really works.*

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“This s a great, healthy program. I have maintained my weight well for almost two years although recently had a new medicine which added some weight, possibly because I seemed to lack the motivation. I am no longer on this medicine and expect to get back in the groove soon. “

Sylvia Evans
Sherri Turman

25lbs Down*

About fifteen years ago when I was in my twenties, I sustained an injury to my right knee when I slipped and fell at work. Because of the weight gain since then, I was having more and more issues with it. It would consistently ache and pop. Now with the weight loss, I rarely have any problems with it. Walking and taking the stairs are no longer painful.

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Rhonda Dotsey

33lbs Down*

Today I can run up and down stairs, I am doing slow intermittent jogging, and I no longer have pain and swelling in my hands.

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“I have been with PS1000 for quite a while and the company and its products are amazing. It is, by far the best program I have been on. The program is not a quick fix. You have to put effort into it. With proper preparation and the ability to follow instruction you can achieve your goals. The customer service and support groups are great!! If I ever have a question, PS1000’s team is very good at getting right back to me. This is a life choice and when you choose to stick with it you will reap the benefits.”

Lisa Undari
Tammy Moon

27lbs Down*

For a busy mother of 6, this is the plan that works best for my schedule and family.

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Kristen Simar

46lbs Down*

I am so excited to hopefully lead by example for our 5 year old daughter. I don’t want her to learn our bad habits. By my husband and me changing the way we eat and see food hopefully, she won’t struggle the way we did.

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Laura Calabro

30lbs Down*

I began the Pure Slim diet protocol and drops and have never been hungry. Eating the right food, and eating small frequent amounts has left me not only satisfied but at times difficult to maintain…

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“I never give 5 stars for anything and am skeptical about everything. I reached my heaviest back in 2/20/17 and today I’ve lost 30 lbs in 3 months. What this diet (it’s not really a diet) does that Nutrisystem and the rest don’t is that it suggests that we’re eating the wrong things and that we should change ouR eating/drinking habits. The others give you prepared food that when you stop their program you go back to all the old ways (because you’re no longer buying their food). This plan makes you shop for and prepare your own food. Much better for the long haul.”*

Vince Barr
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