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Sherri Turman Lost 25lbs*

My name is Sherri Turman and I am a sixth grade science teacher. I started the PS1000 diet on January 11, 2014. Before starting PS1000, I was two hundred eighteen pounds and wore a size sixteen. I am currently pounds and wear a size fourteen. I have dropped one dress size! I was also wearing extra large shirts and now I fit into larges. My clothes are not only a size smaller but they also fit better. They are not constricting and tight fitting, but instead loose and comfortable. Besides my clothes fitting better, I physically feel better.

Before PS1000, my activity level was nonexistent. My energy level is up in all areas in my life, both at home with my husband and kids and in the classroom with my students. Now I am no longer sitting on the couch, instead I go on long walks with my husband, play at the park with my kids and consistently running around on the go. I’m no longer huffing and puffing when taking the stairs at school or while trying to keep up with my nine year old son.

About fifteen years ago when I was in my twenties, I sustained an injury to my right knee when I slipped and fell at work. Because of the weight gain since then, I was having more and more issues with it. It would consistently ache and pop. Now with the weight loss, I rarely have any problems with it. Walking and taking the stairs are no longer painful.

Health wise, I was also getting frequent dizzy spells, about 1 every two to three weeks. I have not experienced one in the last month and a half. Using PS1000’s guide on what to eat has helped not only me physically but also my entire family. Both my husband and daughter have lost weight as well.

As far as my mental transformation, I just feel better about myself. I feel more confident with not only what I wear but how I present myself. I have more self esteem and I am not as self conscious as I used to be. Many teachers have commented on my weight loss and that has made me believe that I can keep going. My outlook on life is more upbeat and hopeful. I just seem to be in a better mood! I have become more focused at work and at home. Overall mentally I feel like I am a better role model to both my kids at home and my kids in the classroom. Doing the PS1000 diet has really made a difference in my life. Thank you!

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