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Rhonda Dotsey Lost 33lbs*

My name is Rhonda Dotsey. Today is March 2, 2015. I have been on the PS1000 diet for 90 days and have lost 33 pounds.* I feel SO MUCH BETTER eating this way! My energy level is WAY up, I am happier, I think more clearly, my blood pressure is down, I don’t crave sugar or carbs, and best of all the constant pain from arthritis is gone. Before I started the diet I had trouble walking up and down stairs due to severe knee problems, my back and hips killed me just trying to do simple tasks, and my hands were swollen and painful. Today I can run up and down stairs, I am doing slow intermittent jogging, and I no longer have pain and swelling in my hands. And the really fun part is wearing clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in years!

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