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Melody Myers Lost 33lbs*

I am 52 years old and I started this journey at 245 and so far am down to 212. I have been on many diet plans in my life. I was on Atkins, Nutrisystem, weight watchers, and many more. Some better than others but it always seemed like when you would sway a little off the program that it was just such a monumental task to get back on board. Too many restrictions and rules were so hard to follow.

We had heard about this plan for losing weight from our friends. His sister had lost a lot of weight and we (my wife and I) were looking for a way to lose weight too. They had planned to start the system and we figured we could try it too from the descriptions they gave us.

I was not looking for a quick fix to my weight issues I was looking for the healthiest way to live the rest of my life. I was only 2 weeks into this program and knew I had made the right decision. I started feeling very optimistic about actually reaching my goal this time. I was losing the weight and getting healthier in the process. I have about 62 more pounds I would like to lose to get to my final goal weight of 150. I started at a size 22 and now am getting into size 16. I did this without adding any major exercise due some joint issues I have been having. Having lost some of the weight now I will be finally adding exercise into my regime and am very excited. I knew the weight was a factor but for some reason was not successful in my ventures to lose weight and keep it off until I started Pure Slim. I feel so much more confident in myself and now can say to myself “You can do this” . Even my family and friends have commented on my outlook. This plan has encouraged me to find ways to plan my meals and find a way to stay on track and to be honest, it really hasn’t been hard. I started gardening again after several years of giving it up. It was just too hard bending over, squatting down I was becoming lazy. Things I loved to do I was no longer doing because I was embarrassed about how I looked, what people would think of me and the pain I would feel the next day from the excessive weight I was carrying. I look forward to going bowling, playing tennis and maybe even some hiking(without having to make my poor husband wait up!). I still have a ways to go in my journey but I will get there.

Thank you so much for your support

Melody Myers

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