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Laura Calabro Lost 30lbs*

My story seems to start like so many others, I have battled with weight all my life. Although I was fit I always carried 30-40 lbs more weight than I should. By my early twenties the extra weight was already taking a toll on my body; my knees were taking a pounding and before I was 30 I had already had surgery.

The weight continued to take its toll; besides the problems with my knees, I began taking medication for high blood pressure. As a nurse I knew full well the role my weight played in both of these problems and yet I could never seem to stay on a diet. I tried every diet plan; losing 10-20 lbs but always seeming to gain them back- I think I’ve lost the same twenty lbs twenty times!*

I was browsing the internet and came across the PS1000 add and read the information and testimony from the people who had tried it. I needed something that would give me a quick start to give me incentive. I knew what had happened in the past-with slow results I would become easily discouraged and allow myself to become derailed and fall back into my old habits-my problem is not so much eating bad food, it’s eating too much food.

I began the Pure Slim diet protocol and drops and have never been hungry. Eating the right food, and eating small frequent amounts has left me not only satisfied but at times difficult to maintain… I’m just not hungry! The booklet has been invaluable. I had weeks that I plateaued and went back to your book and reviewed the guidelines- it always helped me get back on track for something that I either forgot or did not continue; like drinking enough water or keeping the right ratio of protein to vegetables to fruit. The recipes were flavorful and I was quickly adapting them and expanding flavors to suit my own taste without adding calories. The website was also helpful just to see the success of other customers and to be encouraged by their success. Taking the Challenge only added to my motivation because it set a time limit and someone to be accountable to, not to mention the financial benefit! When I look at my photo 90 days ago I can’t believe that 30 lbs could make that much of a difference, I like the way my clothes are fitting and how much better I feel. I am no longer taking blood pressure medication. I also see that I have a way to go, but continuing on this diet is no longer a daunting task, it is a way of eating that is becoming second nature and enjoyable. I was disappointed at losing only 30 lbs but not discouraged; this may have been the end of the 90 day challenge, but it is the beginning of a lifelong challenge. Thank you PS1000!

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