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Kristen Simar Lost 46lbs*

90 days. It all started 90 days ago. September 1 2014. Was the day that changed my life. The day I started this amazing journey. I am so excited to share the beginning of a wonderful change in my life. I have always been overweight and at a young age was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). PCOS among other things makes me overweight and insulin resistant. Being overweight has always been a struggle and something I have always wanted to change. I have tried every diet shake and plan that I could get my hands on and nothing seemed to keep me motivated or l was eating foods that were, well just plain gross. I love veggies and fruits and yes, we did eat out probably more than we should but I didn’t think I ate too bad. With this plan, I can eat all the foods I like and I got to see results.p>

After 90 days I have lost 46 lbs. 46 lbs.!!!!* That just blows me away. My goal was 50 but I really didn’t even think I was going to get even close. Our family is very active and we had lots of party’s and activities during the 90 days but we made a plan and stuck with it even taking a weekend trip to Arizona for a wedding. We picked a hotel that had a kitchen, brought all our food, and cooked our meals. Even bringing protein to the wedding for our salad when we found out they were serving pasta and salad bar.

Beginning this plan I was worried I was only allowed 1000 calories. But it really was hard some days to eat just to the 800 minimum. The biggest thing that changed was the sugar intake. I was addicted to sweets. So the sugar withdraw was a little hard in the beginning because I did always crave it. But I now don’t even like the taste of it very much. I did have a few slip ups in the first few weeks but now I think I am a changed woman. The few times I did indulge it made me so sick I thought twice before I did it again.

I am so excited to hopefully lead by example for our 5 year old daughter. I don’t want her to learn our bad habits. By my husband and me changing the way we eat and see food hopefully, she won’t struggle the way we did. I am so excited to lose the weight but my main goal is to hopefully be able to have another child. This weight loss plan is so easy to do all you have to do plan a little and keep your end goal in mind. Hoping for a PS1000 baby!!!!

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