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Josh Simar Lost 56lbs*

PS1000 was the best thing to happen to my weight since I started realizing I needed to pay attention to it. We found out about it from friends and found out it used just regular food from the grocery store. All the foods on the diet virtually anyone can eat and if you cannot eat some you can eat enough that you will not be in want. The vitamins were great because they helped to balance the hormones in my body.

We had heard about this plan for losing weight from our friends. His sister had lost a lot of weight and we (my wife and I) were looking for a way to lose weight too. They had planned to start the system and we figured we could try it too from the descriptions they gave us.

The great thing about this plan, well there are many, but the thing I have seen about most weight loss programs that seem to work is the restrictiveness down to the fact where you usually need to buy their (bland) food and eat it for at least most of the day. It gets expensive quick and we just could not do something like that.

The food we eat on this plan is great because it is all food off the shelf. It is all the natural stuff like chicken and beef and fruits and vegetables. The selection is small if you stick to the listed foods, but small is ok especially for only 90 days and when you see the pounds melting off as quickly as you do. Carbs are pretty much off limits, which was hard because I love carbs, but again only 90 days and you are doing it to be a better you.

The vitamins on this plan helped a lot because they had sweetness to them so that was good and I honestly feel like they helped with appetite suppression. The vitamins were a difficult thing to do only because of not being able to eat or drink for a while around taking them. I loved the idea of the liquid vitamins though because I have seen too many times where pill based just pass through the body. At least with these I know the body is absorbing it.

My hormone levels, which is mostly what this plan is about, really felt like they were balancing. From the fact that usually when I drank enough water, I had reflux before this, to the fact that I could barely get to sleep at night due to upset stomach. All that disappeared on this diet and I do not plan to go back to being in that much discomfort in my daily life.

At first, the water needed was difficult to get through but got easier as I lost weight. I have a one and a half hour drive each way to work, I was pulling over most mornings at different gas stations but I stayed fast to the plan.

Most days it was a little difficult to stay with this diet plan but seeing the weight come off was the motivation I needed to keep going. Even when I did not lose weight from one day to the next I knew, I had to try that much harder today and I was able to get over my hurdles. It feels good to be 50 pounds lighter now and I look forward to phase one again to lose what little more I need to with a plan that really works.

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