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Jeannie Watson Lost 30lbs*

I have struggled with my weight pretty much since a teen. Some diets were healthier than others, but I’ve not ever been able to manage and maintain my weight consistently. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve also had to factor in my hormonal changes and the effects of being out of balance hormonally. One of the biggest effects on me was migraines. As my weight continued to pile on, so did the frequency of my migraines. I’d have them regularly three to four times a week, leaving me incapacitated or going to the E.R. Medicine helped, however taking the medicine on a consistent basis would then make my kidneys hurt.

Coming back from a family reunion two years ago, I was at my heaviest since 2000. Weighing in at 218, I began another program in 2012. Over the last two years, I struggled to get rid of the weight, literally losing a few ounces per week. My weight fluctuated and I found it very difficult to fit the diet program into my lifestyle. I became very discouraged and resigned myself to thinking that at the rate I was going it would literally take years to achieve my goal weight.

Struggling on my former diet, combined with vacations over the summer, my weight started creeping back up. I almost lost out on an opportunity of bungee jumping as I was four pounds away from being unsafe to do that. So, with that realization I knew I needed to do or try something different. That difference, was seeing my sister-in-laws’ transformation on the PS1000 program. My husband, who also was struggling with his weight and at his wits end, called his sister to find out more about the Pure Slim program.

Armed with the new information, Harold enthusiastically was ready to start the program. I, however, was still on the fence. My honey’s famous phrase that got me off the fence was, “What do you have to lose?” I realized I had nothing to lose, if it didn’t work out, I could go back to my former program.

I am so grateful that I began the PS1000 program! It has literally changed not only my life, but my husbands’, as well as our teenage sons’! On this program, completing our first round of Phase 1, I have consistently shed weight each week! I haven’t been hungry or felt deprived. In fact, as each week went by I felt healthier! Then I started noticing that I wasn’t having migraines anymore!!! I was actually living my life without being bedridden or with the aid of medication! As a family doing this program, we began walking together, with my husband usually in the lead! While not actually on the PS1000 program, our teenage son has benefited by having his diet modified to eat more of what we were eating. To see the benefits of just eating how my husband and I were on my son was just as rewarding!

On this program I was able to go on vacation and not gain weight. I am able to follow this program and have it fit into my lifestyle! I now am confident that it won’t take me years to reach my goal, and better yet, with this program I know that I will be able to maintain my desired goal and live this program and thus break the dieting yo-yo once and for all! Thank you so much PS1000!!!


Dear PS1000,

The picture on the left is me in September 2015 at my getting rid of 50 pounds mark. The picture of me on the right is also me in December 2015. I’ve gained a few pounds back as we’ve been on Phase 2 since November 2015 and have just resumed Saturday; January 2, 2016. One of the things I really appreciate about this program is that if you don’t go crazy and maintain most of the meals eaten while on Phase 1, you can indulge at a special occasion, holiday, etc.   When I first began this program in 2014, I was nervous that on Phase 2, I’d gain all my weight back. I have found that I truly enjoy the foods we eat on Phase 1 and then on Phase 2 stick close to a paleo diet but with increased calories, along with some splurges in there. I want to be honest about the splurges because people have a tendency to think once they begin dieting that they’ll never be able to eat certain foods again. Knowing that I’ll be able to eat foods not on Phase 1 on Phase 2 helps me know that this “isn’t forever”, but funny enough, most of the time once I get on Phase 2 the foods I craved on Phase 1 aren’t as important anymore. Once I’m on Phase 2 I’m happy at where I’m at and I want to either maintain as best as I can or not mess up too much and continue the journey towards my ultimate weight loss goal. So, the picture on my right is when I’m on Phase 2 on Christmas morning in a new outfit. I’ve never been able to rock faux leather pants before, but that’s EXACTLY what I’m wearing and I’m still in the same size clothes! To me, this is a big achievement. I’m excited to continue with Phase 1 as of this writing, and I know that this year, I’ll achieve my ultimate weight loss goals and be able to maintain that weight for the rest of my life. It’s my hope to not only be another success story for Pure Slim 1000, but to be able to help, motivate, and encourage others on this program that they too will hit their goals on this program. Thank you Pure Slim 1000!


Jeannie Watson 😀

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