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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a low calorie diet healthy?

Limiting calories for the short term can have significant health and weight loss benefits. It may allow you to lose about three to seven pounds per week, or an average total weight loss of 58 pounds over 12 weeks. Such a weight loss can rapidly improve medical conditions that are linked to obesity, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. The rapid weight loss experienced by most people on low calorie diet can be very motivating.

That said, while limiting calories for the short term can have some significant health and weight loss benefits, if it is continued for too long, it can mean compromised health. That is why we recommend doing only up to 90 days at a time on the PS1000 Plan. Your body and mind will need a break after this time, and then you can start again after taking some time off.

So, is a low calorie diet healthy? It can be, and it can be a great way to lose weight, but it can also result in illness and compromised immune systems if it is not done properly. The PS1000 Plan is a perfect balance of supplementation and healthy nutrition to maximize weight loss and keep you safe. It’s always good to consult a physician before starting any low calorie diet.

What is a low glycemic diet?

The foods we eat can directly impact much more than our weight and waistlines. Our energy levels, hormone levels, and our overall health can be dramatically affected almost immediately by what we eat, determining how we feel for the rest of the day and longer. Understanding why we feel the way we do after we eat, why we get hungry again when we do, and how this is all determines our short-term and long-term health is the basis behind the PS1000 Plan. The PS1000 Plan combines a low glycemic menu with our exclusive drops. When followed, this program results in sustained energy, balanced nutrition, and rapid weight loss.

Foods high on the glycemic index (such as white rice, bread, and pasta) result in hormonal dysfunction in the body. The body quickly converts these processed carbohydrates into sugar, which causes the pancreas to ramp up production of the fat storing hormone known as insulin.

Foods that are low on the glycemic index include lean proteins such as white meat chicken, fish, beans, vegetables, fruits, and certain dairy. When the main bulk of your menu consists of these foods, hormones are balanced, metabolism is boosted, and insulin levels are even, rather than spiking. This is great for anyone who wants to lose weight and take charge of his or her health.

I have a medical condition – am I able to do the PS1000 Program?

You should not do the PS1000 Program if you are pregnant or nursing, under the age of 18, have active cancer, liver disease, hepatitis, have an allergy to any ingredient listed, or have Type 1 Diabetes.

Is PS1000 Program just another FAD?

Purchasing multiple “diet fads” can be costly and frustrating. The PS1000 Program stands out from the crowd because it isn’t a fad. This program will not only help you lose weight, but it will teach you how to change your lifestyle and maintain your weight loss.

The PS1000 Program will help you lose weight, but will also continue supporting you once you complete the weight loss phase of the program. You may have a question six months down the road and we are still happy and willing to answer that question for you and give you any support you need.

What are side effects of PS1000 Program?

So many weight loss products on the market today are loaded with stimulants and caffeine that really do more harm than good. We use a non-invasive approach to getting healthy, and that’s why our product is made only from the highest quality, natural ingredients from right here in the USA.

There are virtually no side effects, however, some people will experience withdrawal and detox symptoms the first week. Light headaches are common as your body is detoxing. Drinking plenty of water and taking a non-sugar coated pain medication can help.

Where can I get more of my questions answered?

You can review our FAQs in the back of our PS1000 Program manual, or email us [email protected].

What foods are on the PS1000 Program?

The main foods that are removed on the PS1000 Program are processed carbs, grains, sugar, and alcohol. We focus on eating good-quality meats and fish, fruit, beans, vegetables, greens, nuts, and avocados, as well as oils such as coconut and olive. You can find the full breakdown in our PS1000 Program Booklet.

Can I do the PS1000 Program if I am taking a prescription medication?

If you are taking any kind of prescription drug, do not stop taking it while on PS1000 Program without first consulting your doctor. There are certain serious conditions that require consistent blood levels of medications. We always recommend that you consult with your doctor before starting any of our programs.

I’m ready to order! How long will it take to ship?

If orders are placed before noon Mountain Standard Time, we do everything possible to ship the same day. Orders placed Friday afternoon, or during a holiday, will ship the following business day. All orders ship from PS1000 Headquarters in Boise, ID. Shipping times will of course vary by location, but most orders in the continental United States will arrive within a week of when they are shipped.

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