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Carolyn Valladares Lost 20.7lbs*

Dear PS1000,

God Bless you and your company! I am very pleased with your product, and with your booklet with guidance on good eating habits! I have succeeded in loosing 20.7 lbs and 9 total overall inches after doing your 90- day challenge!

How I learned about your product was so simple! I have been on many weight loss programs over the years, actually for the last 24 years! Each program I was on gave me successes but not the results that the Pure Slim drops and program has. One day, I decided that I wanted to start a weight loss plan, but didn’t really know which one to try. So I decided to use technology and I Googled “Best diets in 2014” and yours came up as number one on the list!

So I went to your website and right away I knew it was for me! This is because it stated it was put together with research about homeopathic ingredients, and this impressed me because I had recently switched to organic foods and I didn’t want to do any program that was packaged or processed.

I purchased it within 10 minutes of reading about it! I started the challenge and the weight just kept coming off, and I found the menu choices were so simple. With my career as a property manager I just don’t have the time to chop and cook and spend hours creating a menu!

I am so thankful that I found this, and though I didn’t follow the program perfectly, I followed it faithfully enough to get the results that I was looking for. I remember saying,”I would love to loose 50 pounds in the 90 days, but 30 is probably more realistic and healthy, but if I loose 20, I will be so very happy! This is exactly what happened!

I am so happy with the way I look, and how I have changed physically. Not to mention the mental successes that I have experienced by following the plan and saying “no” to foods that were not on it!

I am now on Phase 2, trying to figure out my exercise and etc. but I know I will do phase one again soon!

Thank you very much for helping me on my journey of being who I really want to be! Healthy and not obese!

Best to you, and I hope you keep prospering!

Carolyn Valladares

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